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19th International Chromatography School

Zagreb, Croatia, 9. and 10. June 2016.

Zagreb, Croatia.
10 - 11 June 2019


About employee

prof. dr. sc. Ana Vrsalović Presečki

Function: full professor

Public phone number:
01 4597 157
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Department of Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
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Prof. dr.sc. Ana Vrsalović Presečki was born 23 August 1975. in Split. She graduated in 1999 at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology. As a student she won two Rector's award for best student paper. In January 2000, she started to work at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Zagreb. She got the master's degree in 2003, and in 2006 she defends the PhD thesis at the same university. In 2009 she became an assistant professor. She was a visiting researcher at several foreign institutions. In 2001 she spent two months in the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, where she was also in September, 2007. In March 2004 she stayed for two weeks at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in Maribor. In February 2008 and in February 2010 she was in Veszprem, Hungary on the Research Institute of Chemical and Process Engineering. Her research interest is in the field of biochemical engineering with a special interest in the mathematical modeling and optimization of bioprocesses that are catalyzed either by isolated enzymes or whole non-growing cells. Results of her research are published in thirty six papers in journals indexed by CC and SCI database. She won the "Vera Johanides" award of Croatian Academy of Engineering for young scientists in 2008. She was the project leader of two bilateral projects, and the project of the Croatioan Academy of Science and Technology . She was a collaborator on five national and seven international projects.

Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)

List of select publications

  1. Skendrović, Dino; Primožić, Mateja; Rezić, Tonči; Vrsalović Presečki, Ana Mesocellular Silica Foam as Immobilization Carrier for Production of Statin Precursors // International journal of molecular sciences, 25 (2024), 4; 1-13. doi: 10.3390/ijms25041971
  2. Martinaga L; Ludwig R; Rezić I; Andlar M; Pum D; Ana Vrsalović Presečki A, The application of bacteria-derived dehydrogenases and oxidases in the synthesis of gold nanoparticles Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2024-12 DOI: 10.1007/s00253-023-12853-1

  3. D. Skendrović, A. Švarc, T. Rezić, A. Chernev, A. Rađenović A. Vrsalović Presečki, Improvement of DERA activity and stability in the synthesis of statin precursors by immobilization on magnetic nanoparticles. Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, 9 (2024), 82-90. DOI: 10.1039/d3re00388d, JRC/SRJ= Q2/Q1
  4. T. Rezić, A. Vrsalović Presečki, Ž. Kurtanjek,New approach to the evaluation of lignocellulose derived by-products impact on lytic-polysaccharide monooxygenase activity by using molecular descriptor structural causality model. Bioresource Technology 342 (2021) 125990, 5 DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2021.125990,
  5. A. Švarc, M. Fekete, K. Hernandez, P. Clapés, Z. Findrik Blažević, A. Szekrenyi, D. Skendrović, Đ. Vasić-Rački, S.J. Charnock, A. Vrsalović Presečki, An innovative route for the production of atorvastatin side-chain precursor by DERA- catalysed double aldol addition. Chemical engineering science 231 (2021) 116312, 10. DOI: 10.1016/j.ces.2020.116312

Professional memberships

Biocatalysis and biotransformations (enzyme and whole cells), multienzyme catalysis, enzyme reaction engineering, mathematical modeling, kinetic studies, operational stability of biocatalyst, process development and optimization, biocatalyst immobilization

Member of Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and Technologists

Member of Croatian Society for Biotechnology

List of select projects

  • Croatian-Slovenian bilateral project: "Applied biocatalysis-integrated biocatalytical process" (2008-2010), Project leader: Dr.sc. Ana Vrsalović Presečki
  • Croatian-Hungarian bilateral project: "Study of industrial biotransformations in non-conventional medium" (2008-2010), Project leader: Dr.sc. Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević
  • "Sustainable bioseparation process" project of Croatian Science Foundation (2009-2012) Project leader: dr. sc. Bruno Zelić
  • Biocatalysts and biotransformations Project No. 125-1252086-2793, Ministry of science,education and sports (2006-2013) Project leader: Dr. sc. Đurđa Vasić-Rački
  • FP6-ERA IB project "Microreactor technology for continuous enzymatic reactions catalyzed by C-C-bond forming enzymes" (2011-2014), Coordinator: Dr. sc. Đurđa Vasić-Rački
  • Horizon 2020: Sustainable industrial processes based on a C-C bond-forming enzyme platform, Carbazymes (2015-2019), Coordinator:prof Wolf-Dieter Fessner, PI: Assoc. Prof. Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević
  • HRZZ Installation Research Projects: Synthesis and Targeted Application of Metallic Nanoparticles (2015-2018), Project leader:   prof. Iva Rezić
  • Horizon 2020: Rapid discovery and development of enzymes for novel and greener consumer products, Radicalz (2021-2025), Coordinator:prof Aurelio Hidalgo, PI: Prof. Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević
  • Croatian-Slovenian bilateral project: "Enzyme immobilization and their application in chemical synthesis and wastewater treatment" (2023-2025), Project leader: Dr.sc. Ana Vrsalović Presečki

Past employments

2000 – 2003 assistant, Master degree, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology

2003 – 2006 assistant, PhD, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology

2006 – 2009 assistant, postdoc

2009 – 2013 assistant professor

2013 – 2018  associate professor

2018-   2023  full professor

2023 - full professor with tenure