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19th International Chromatography School

Zagreb, Croatia, 9. and 10. June 2016.

Zagreb, Croatia.
10 - 11 June 2019


About employee

Angela Kapitanović, mag.ing.cheming.


Angela Kapitanović was born on June 27, 1995. in Zadar, where she finished primary and secondary school. In 2014, she enrolled in the undergraduate study in Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology of the University of Zagreb. The undergraduate study ends in 2017 with the defense of the final thesis on "Amino- and nitro-substituted benzo[b]thieno[2,3-c]quinolones as potential antioxidants" under the mentorship of prof. Ph.D. Marijana Hranjec.

After completing undergraduate studies, she enrolled in a graduate course in Chemical Engineering at the same faculty. During that period, she performed the role of demonstrator at the Department of Electrochemistry. In 2020, she finished her graduate studies by defending her thesis entitled "Temperature hysteresis of the electrode potential of various pseudo-reference electrodes" under the mentorship of prof. Ph.D. Helene Otmačić Ćurković.

In September of the same year, she was employed as an assistant and doctoral student of the Croatian Science Foundation at the Department of Electrochemistry of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and enrolled in the University's scientific post-graduate doctoral study in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry. She is conducting her doctoral thesis as part of the Croatian Science Foundation project "Development of new solutions for the characterization and protection of bronze cultural heritage exposed to the outdoor environment" under the leadership of prof. Ph.D. Helene Otmačić Ćurković. She deals with the topics of corrosion protection, closely related to the area of ​​bronze protection using waterborne coatings, using electrochemical, microscopic and spectroscopic techniques in her work. As part of her doctoral studies, she published 4 scientific papers and participated in 15 domestic and international conferences. She organized a student conference in the field of electrochemistry, participated in the organization of Corrosion Summer Schools at her Department and stayed at the Institute of Slovenian National Building and Engineering Institute in Ljubljana. She helped in the creation of experimental parts of several final and graduation theses and was a member of the student council.

Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)