Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

Application process


How to apply:
a) Download and fill up the admission form below
b) Prepare the following documents for upload by using the following naming scheme for your files:
1. Admission form           >  (Admission.name.surname.pdf)
2. Proof of citizenship   > (Citizen.name.surname.pdf)
3. Diploma                            > (Diploma.name.surname.pdf)
4. Diploma supplement > (Supplement.name.surname.pdf)
5. English certificate       > (Cert.name.surname.pdf)
6. Motivational letter     > (Letter.name.surname.pdf)
7. CV                                         > (CV.name.surname.pdf)

NOTE:  Requested documents have to be in a pdf file format, and must not exceed the file size limit of 5MB/per file.


c) Send all prepared documents using the "WeTransfer" service:  https://wetransfer.com/
to the following address: cetadm@fkit.hr

Admission form