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19th International Chromatography School

Zagreb, Croatia, 9. and 10. June 2016.

Zagreb, Croatia.
10 - 11 June 2019


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prof. dr. sc. Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević

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01 4597 157
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Department of Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
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Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)

List of select publications

Milčić, N.; Stepanić, V.; Crnolatac, I.; Findrik Blažević, Z.; Brkljača, Z.; Majerić Elenkov, M., Inhibitory effect of DMSO on halohydrin dehalogenase: Experimental and computational insights into the influence of an organic co-solvent on the structural and catalytic properties of a biocatalyst, Chemistry: a European journal, 28 (2022), 56; e202202870, 11 doi:10.1002/chem.202201923

Milčić, N.; Sudar, M.; Dokli, I.; Majerić Elenkov, M.; Findrik Blažević, Z., Halohydrin dehalogenase-catalysed synthesis of enantiopure fluorinated building blocks: bottlenecks found and explained by applying reaction engineering approach, Reaction chemistry & engineering, - (2022), -; - doi:10.1039/D2RE00461E

Česnik Katulić, M.; Sudar, M.; Hernández, K.; Charnock, S.; Vasić-Rački, Đ.; Clapés, P.; Findrik Blažević, Z. Cascade synthesis of L-homoserine catalysed by lyophilized whole cells containing transaminase and aldolase activity: The mathematical modeling approach, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 60, 2021, 13846-13858.

Masdeu, G., Findrik Blažević, Z., Kralj, S., Makovec, D., López-Santín, J., Álvaro, G., Multi-reaction kinetic modeling for the peroxidase–aldolase cascade synthesis of a D- fagomine precursor, Chem. Eng. Sci., 239, 2021, 116602, 11.

Sudar, M., Česnik, M., Clapés, P., Pohl, M., Vasić-Rački, Đ., Findrik Blažević, Z., A cascade reaction for the synthesis of D-fagomine precursor revisited: Kinetic insight and understanding of the system, New Biotechnol. 63, 2021, 19-28

Findrik Blažević, Z., Milčić, N, Sudar, M., Majerić Elenkov, M. Halohydrin dehalogenases and their potential in industrial application – a viewpoint of enzyme reaction engineering, Adv. Synth. Catal. 363 (2), 2021, 388-410.

List of select projects

Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions, Innovative training networks, Call: HORIZON-MSCA-2021-DN-01, 2023 – 2026 ''Decoding novel reaction chemistries in biocatalysis – Training Europe’s next visionaries for a sustainable future'', acronym: Biodeccodinng, (GA number: 101073065). Coordinator: Dr. Sandy Schmidt (Groningen, Nizozemska), PI: Prof. Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević PhD, https://biodeccodinng.eu/

Croatian - Austrian bilateral project: 2022 – 2023 BioFragrance: Enzyme engineering and process engineering for the synthesis of fragrance compounds from renewable resources, financed by MZO (partner: Graz University of Technology, Prof. Robert Kourist, PhD)

2021 – 2025 Obzor 2020 projekt (Research and Innovation Action) ''Rapid discovery and development of enzymes for novel and greener consumer products - RadicalZ'', coordinator Prof. Aurelio Hidalgo, PhD (Madrid, Spain), PI: Prof. Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević, PhD, (GA number: 101000560). https://radicalz.eu/

Croatian - Slovenian bilateral project: 2020 – 2022  ''Stabilizacija halogenhidrin-dehalogenaza za primjenu u nekonvencionalnim medijima'', financed by MZO (partner: Fakulteta za kemijo in kemijsko tehnologijo, Univerza v Mariboru, prof. Maja Leitgeb, PhD)

Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions, Innovative training networks, Call: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020, 2021. – 2025., ''C-C Bond formation using top performing enzymes – Training the next generation of innovators for a sustainable bioeconomy'', acronym: C-C Top, GA number: 95663. Coordinator: Prof. Wolf-Dieter Fessner, PhD (Darmstadt, Germany), PI: Prof. Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević, PhD. https://cc-top-itn.eu/

Horizon 2020, ''CARBAZYMES'' (Innovation Action), ''Sustainable industrial processes based on a C-C bond-forming enzyme platform'', PI: Assoc. Prof. Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević, PhD, coordinator: Prof. Wolf-Dieter Fessner, PhD (Darmstadt, Germany). 2015 - 2019. http://carbazymes.com/

CEEPUS network Chemistry and Chemical Engineering active since 2012/2013. Croatian coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Zvjezdana Findrik, PhD.

”Industrial biotransformations in nonconventional media”, Croatian-Hungarian bilateral project, 2009 - 2011. (Partner: Pannon University, Prof. Laszlo Gubicza, PhD.